Curating Youtube BOX [CYB]

-Curating Youtube Box- [CYB] fills an important void in the modern art business by facilitating a meaningful reaction with regards to contemporary WEB 2.0 phenomena such as user generated content. Following the principles of A SPACE INSIDE A SPACE, CYB may easily be installed in the context of a museum, a gallery, a studio or an art fair. CYB enables curators and scientists to present net videos in a format that is adequate to the art business. CYB will be mailed to the interested institutions upon request. The net videos presented in the various exhibitions will be presented in their original size, using apt players and thereby creating a feeling of „authenticity“. gesamt darstellungThee players will be able to present online streams as well as pre-configured offline shows, such as looped playlists. The players will be, due to their user-friendly interface and their broad acceptance, easily controlled by the audience. The possibility of interactions is an integral part of the entire project – To facilitate this, an autonomous tablet computer, offering access to a research database system, will be integrated into the CYB. Using this tablet computer, local curators can fulfill administrative tasks such as the configuration and controlling of exhibitions and secondary materials or the integration of supplementary materials such as texts, portraits, interviews, source studies etc. Visitors can log into the blog system and participate directly (by creating personal playlists, adding comments and links, etc.). Such a presentation enables the curators to make extensive explanation, comments and background information to the individual pieces as well as the overall concepts using text and images.

The project presented was informed by the following considerations, which cannot be discussed in full in this context:

– The design vocabulary that develops in the net is creating its own syntax and its own semantics by means of the usage of the medium. In this way, aesthetic statements are formulated that concur with a world changed by the presence of the net, since they were formulated in the medium that changes this world itself.

– In the design vocabulary of the Web 2.0, characterized by the combination of various elements such as texts, images, movies, sounds, icons and formal language elements, procedural entities (such as the continuous reworkings, media-based translations and extension of net videos) are being formulated and created. These collective, multi-media structures are formed following social, technical, economical and, most of all, aesthetic criteria.

– Aesthetic formulations inside the net play an important role during the process of creating the meaning of culturally relevant terms such as identity, subject, sociability, private, original, capital, etc. They directly influence the discussion inside a society, since a clear distinction between the virtual and the real world can no longer be made.

– The participative character of the design vocabulary turns every use of it into a social activity as well as into an aesthetic self-realization.

– Aesthetic formulations inside the net are imbued with an artistic expression, which, even if they are normally not intended as art works, is as strong as that of the works of canonized artists, if not even stronger.

– Museums are under a cultural obligation to follow, facilitate and communicate the ongoing aesthetic definition and the discussions surrounding the terms that are the corner stones of our culture.

The CYB offers a framework that enables museums to integrate these aspects of our modern culture into their exhibition practice. Today, the internet dominates most relevant areas of our societies – but the net art phenomena have not yet made real inways into the art business. Upon invitation, CYB will actively bring these new net art phenomena into the art scene. The net will spread across the relevant white cube(s) (gallery spaces, museums). The transparent skin of the CYB creates an autonomous structure interfacing with the overlying strata of meaning.

presented @ISEA 2010 Ruhr – see reader page 65 (Robert Sakrowski, Sven Bäucker Curating Youtube Box)