An Acoustic Journey Through Youtube – radioshow – january 2013 – with timineaux

Broadcast at CoLaboRadio: 05 – 08./09. January 2013 01:00 a.m. Berlin FM 88,4 MHz and Potsdam 90,7 MHz FM
Autor: tim.ineaux –
Title: Meta wangling in beta
live stream: CoLaboRadio

Tim Ineaux is a Leeds based YouTubeVideoJockey. He is truly a pionieer and fascinated by the possibilities of this new medium (the crowd-souced “Cloud sourced audio visual content will be the future of entertainment”, he says. Youtube is for him jukebox, archive, sound-bank, social platform and more. He is organizing events in which he is playing his sets live by streaming and mixing youtube videos. He describes his own sets as “Collages for the information era”. I think it really describes well what youtube VJs are doing. It’s not only a sound remix, it’s also a video mix or mashup if you want … …
video mix

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-04 um 21.36.04

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