Switch Off at Tele-Gen

“switch off” is my part at the great TELE-GEN exhibition at Kunstmuseum-Bonn curated by Dieter Daniels, Stephan Berg (and Sarah Waldschmitt as curatorial assistant). Switch Off is a series of (50) grids including ~ 500 videos about the transition moment from analoge to digital TV …

Auerbach, Tauba (US), Baumgartner, Christiane, Biel, Joe (US), Bulloch, Angela (CDN), John Cage (US), César (FR), Yvon Chabrowski, Mel Chin & The GALA Committee (US), Bruce Conner (US), Thomas Demand, Simon Denny (NZ), Draeger, Christoph (CH/USA) / Reynolds, Reynold (D/USA), Harun Farocki (CZ), François, Michel (F), Karl Gerstner (CH), Gilligan, Melanie, Groebel, Mathias, Lee Friedlander (US), Karl Otto Götz, Caroline Hake, Vania Heymann (IL), Denis Hopper (US), Hurtig, Stephan, Isidore Isou (RO), Christian Jankowski, Kuball, Mischa, Fabio Mauri (IT), M + M, Bjǿrn Melhus (NO), Meyer, Bea, Nam June Paik (KP), Polster, Ulrich, Tobias Rehberger, Edgar Reitz, Sakrowski, Robert, Christoph Schlingensief, Rosefeldt, Julian, Paul Thek (US), Günther Uecker, Van Gogh TV, Angel Vergara (ES), Wolf Vostell, Andy Warhol (US), Lawrence Weiner (US), Tom Wesselman (US), Joseph Zehrer

AND I really love the cataloge
cataloge of the TeleGen exhibition

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