An Acoustic Journey Through Youtube – radioshow – october 2012 – with Jonas Lund

Broadcast at CoLaboRadio: 02 – 09./10. October 2012 01:00 a.m. Berlin 88,4 MHz and Potsdam 90,7 MHz FM
Autor: Jonas Lund –
Titel: dW(t)
live stream: CoLaboRadio

Jonas Lund is an Amsterdam based net artist. Currently he works at the eyebeam residency in NewYork.
I would like to describe Jonas Lund as a typical exponent for the new generation of net artists. His work could be seen in the line of the classics of In 2011, Jonas Lund examined in his net art activities his and our browser interactions in a clear, minimal and some times exaggerated style. They seemed, because of their often generative appearance, more like formal reflections about the net inherent performance, than for e.g. the work from 2012, in which he thematized, in a much more broader and complex way, the economically and social implications of what (net)art in our times is …

Jonas Lund programmed the tool for CYT. GRIDr is a “web-framework” in which it is possible to generate e.g. sound-banks, which are the basic of the youtube audio journeys …
In the second „guest“ show CYT will present his audio mix after a short interview where we will talk more about that …


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