or-bits.com presents “128kbps objects” on basic.fm

CuratingYouTube is now beginning to become more and more a web radio jockey too.  CYT will do a daily radio piece at basic.fm next week! In the frame of the “128kbps objects” project from or-bits.com (founded and directed by Marialaura Ghidini), CuratingYouTube will mix a acoustic diaries series, by using our great gridr tool, every day. You can follow the broadcast at basic.fm: Mon 22 October at 07:30PM, Tue 23 October at 07:30PM, Wed 24 October at 07:36PM, Thu 25 October at 07:34PM, Fri 26 October at 07:32PM, Sat 27 October at 07:30 and Sun 28 October at 07:30PM.

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