An Acoustic Journey Through Youtube – radioshow – november 2012 – with John Dekron

Broadcast at CoLaboRadio: 03 – 13./14. November 2012 01:00 a.m. Berlin FM 88,4 MHz  and Potsdam 90,7 MHz FM
Autor: John Dekron –
Titel: I be your mirror
live stream: CoLaboRadio

John Dekron is a Berlin based media artist. For a long time he worked  as a VJ where he programmed his own software tools using the visual programming language Max/Msp. Now he is active in various collaborations for example with architects or artists. He is realizing projects in the realm of situative media such as media facades and installations.
His narrative approach, from his time as a Club VJ, was inspiring me to ask him for an acoustic journey trough youtube



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