INSERT DISC – Selected CD-ROM art of the 90s on DVD

CYT is proud to announce the cooperation with Aram Bartholl at the Museum of the Moving Image in NY in the frame of the Exhibition Series at the Installation – DVD Dead Drop -

INSERT DISC (September 22–October 29, 2012) »
Selected CD-ROM art of the 90s on DVD
Curated by Aram Bartholl & Robert Sakrowski (

The second DVD Dead Drop show, INSERT DISC, features several classic art CD-ROMs from the mid-1990s on DVD. While the web was still in its infancy, artists from a wide range of fields explored the possibilities of interactivity and multimedia on CD-ROMs, fancy new silver discs that held an unbelievable 650 megabytes of data. Today most of these pre-web multimedia works are no longer accessible because they require legacy operating systems and software to run. INSERT DISC offers the full experience of a cutting edge, mid-90s operating system packed with stunning multimedia art. Each DVD comes with a safe-to-install virtualized Ubuntu Linux operating system running an emulated Mac OS 7.6. In addition to the historic CD-ROM art, special features include historic browsers, link lists, and more, guaranteeing a true 1995 computer experience!

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Update: Rhizomes Digital Conservator Ben Fino-Radin wrote a blog post about our DVD exhibition:

INSERT DISC: a digital flaneur’s guide

by BEN FINO-RADIN | Tue Oct 2nd, 2012 10 a.m.

For the traveler who desires a journey through space and time, a visit to Long Island City is highly recommended. The second iteration of Aram Bartholl’s DVD Dead Drop project is available at the Museum of the Moving image until October 27th. Titled INSERT DISC (produced in collaboration with Robert Sakrowski), the project presents a journey to the heyday of artist produced interactive CD-ROM’s: the 90’s.

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