contribution for OFFLINE ART: Hardcore

title – “hardcore CM remix July 2013″
Video – July SummerSchool Warwick 2013; June Barcelona Sonar 2013; July The Nest London 2013
Musik Mix based on: (in the order of their appearance) – Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq + LAIBACH-Occupied Europe NATO tour 1994-95+ Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer (HD)+ Noisia – Machine Gun [16Bit remix] Transformers Video
This is my contribution for the OFFLINE ART: Hardcore exhibition curated by aram bartholl in frame of his soloshow “hello world!” in kassel …

‘Hardcore’ features a selected group of artists representing a wide range of radical approaches contrasting the mainstream idea of the digital image and web culture. Referring to subcultures in music during the 80s & 90s todays hardcore attitude can be found in various media and genres on the Internet. In the glossy controlled era of Facebook, Apple, and Google hardcore artists challenge conventions with radical points of view and hard core works.

Constant Dullaart.Deanna Havas.Ei Jane Janet Lin.Eva & Franco Mattes aka. Roth.JODI.Jon Cates.Lorna Mills.Jeremiah Johnson.Penelope Umbrico.Rosa Menkman.Sakrowski aka. curatingYouTube.UBERMORGEN.Vuk Ćosić

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