Hanne Mugaas: d. Art since 1960 (According to the Internet)

ART SINCE 1960 (ACCORDING TO THE INTERNET)p8.jpgThursday, 8 March, 2007Hanne Mugaas + Cory Arcangel: Art Since 1960 (According to the Internet)Hanne Mugaas and Cory Arcangel are concerned with the Internet and its possibilities for archiving and distributing information. Art history uploaded to the Internet is certainly an alternative one, and often the information available is randomly contextualized and interpreted without any hierarchy or control. Based on user generated content, the Internet has become a unique channel of distribution where the responsibility of interpretation lies in the hands of the receiver and his/her ability to sort out and analyze the given information. For this event, Mugaas and Arcangel will sort and collect images, video, and audio from the Internet in order to discern where art and art history on the web is situated right now. The findings will culminate in a video screening presented with a live directors commentary. Without the guidance of institutions and armed only with the ability to crudely search for text, the Internet’s version of art history slightly differs from the academic version. For instance, on the Internet, actual artist videos are placed next to user generated karaoke remakes. The control systems that normally govern the systematization of art are dismantled by the search algorithms and whims of home users. Through this event, the intention is to discuss for better or worse how art is changed by this situation, and in turn how the Internet is changing our perception of art.

Hanne Mugaas: d. Art since 1960 (According to the Internet)

Mögliche Realisationsform der Abschlusspräsentation РAusstellung als Vortrag, als Workshop, als Diskussion ??

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