Gallery Surfing – 02 – FacebookGalleries -

The second gallery surfing session is now online – this time, with our guest Annet Dekker Gallery Surfing visited some facebook-galleries (German/English)

– let’s watch netart

4:43 #h0000ff
23:10 GalleryOnline [ ]
56:55 Thomas Cheneseau…

Links in der Reihenfolge iher Erwähnung ––>
Anthony Antonellis /Blue Brightness/ screensaver…
Desktop Screenshot Collections 1997 — today |
Blue Blue by Roni Horn…
Blue is the color of the internet:…
Jeremy Bailey
Jennifer Chan
Kim Laughton
Aram Bartholl- Are you human?
Arno Coenen:
ARTOMAT by electroboutique
Jonas Lund – The Fear Of Missing Out 2013, Exhibition…
The Jogging
Nikos Voyiatzis: by Constant Dullaart & Sakrowski
Daniel Pflumm
Edward Shanken
Jonas Lund
max capacity
Igor Štromajer
Gazira Babeli
Second Life…
Mary Meixner…
Chloë Flores…

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