exstrange – live exhibition project

webwork as web.pilgrimage is the new web-project of CuratingYouTube.net Since quite some time I was working in a daily manner. Every workday I was streaming one hour my webwork – which means logging in into the network and its service offers. The-login, the sign-in its like a proof of existence. I’m doing so to speak nothing (more) but the network starts to vibrate and it becomes from day to day more work. And now I (as CYT) was invited to participate at the online exhibition #exstrange, initiated by Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak.

#extrange is a live exhibition project that uses the online marketplace eBay as a site of curatorial operation, artistic production and cultural exchange within the geographical boundaries enabled by the commercial platform we are adopting — the various ‘national’ eBay sites. #exstrange is a series of “artworks as auctions” created for eBay, using the entire listing (descriptive text, images, pricing, and categories) as material to build the artwork. Exhibited for 7 days only, these site-specific artworks use eBay’s categories (Real Estate, Healthcare, Agriculture, and Personal Security, …) to reach particular audiences beyond physical barriers. Each auction is maintained by its creator so that bidder interactions and comments are incorporated in real time as part of the work, and this website maps the interactions between sellers and bidders. The curators — Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak — created #exstrange to explore collective strategies of production and communication online that enable meaningful encounters between passers-by and auctions, and between artists and audiences.

I participated logically as webwork. I’ve captured the stream when I was signing in and setting up my exhibition participation on Ebay. Its a bit like a feedback loop, and this is all what we do on the web – in the end its all a cybernetic feedback loop – only to proof our existence as a being in presence – …
(and one edge remark more: one can see – I’m totally ill at the moment, so the webwork has to pause a bit – but after I will be recreated I will continue working)

webwork as web.pilgrimage

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