An Acoustic Journey Through YouTube

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Youtube (YT) is an archive. An archive for not only movies and pictures, but also for music. That is why it is used, not only as a video platform, but in the same amount as a music platform. As a music archive, YT contains composed music, but also sounds, tones, voices and noises.
The existing music on YT can be divided into music, recorded in the non-network world (such as a record, as a video documentation of a performance or a film and television production) and has been uploaded then on YT, and music that comes from the network context. The spectrum of the archived documents is ranging from anthropological and ethnological, more scientific recordings of classical music, to popular and avant-garde music. The documentation and publications of their own personal play or song, to which I also count producing recitations or how to’s, are lined up in the sphere of publishing of all kinds of artistic performing forms of action.

For the ‘Radio Arts Space’ by radioCona, I’ve decided to introduce the enormous musical and tonal variety of the network archive ‘Youtube’ and not to depict a specific art-Canon. In addition to this, I have selected some subjects, which I consider as exemplary and compiled the corresponding videos to a video grid. These grids serve me as an instrument / playlist / sound bank, from which I select videos or music live and intuitively. The music / sound pieces can be played in parallel, can be mixed, are lined up and repeated. The Grids are presented with one index page to open each one parallel in a single page. Different variants can arise new perspectives, interpretations and sound journeys.

An Acoustic Journey Through YouTube – EXHIBITION

Radio Arts Space
dec 2011: broadcast and stream of selection sound art and radio art works in the form of curated exhibition. The exhibition will at the same time occupy the radio frequencies and audio streams of international partners. The broadcast will be constituted as a gallery space with a curated exhibition delineated by the curators’ collection of selected sound art and radio art works and featuring works selected through open call.

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