Gallery Surfing

This is the first episode of the gallery surfing sessions realized for ARTE creative -

to see all links and the full description (fr/germ) go here:

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Gallery Surfing exhibited

Gallery Surfing Session S01E01 is now exhibited as an InterNetArtActivity at the Galerie Umakart Lidická 40, in Brno. This presentation is curated and dubbed by Barbora Trnková & Tomas Javurek.

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Gallery Surfing 03 – mon3y as an 3rror –

this time in our gallery surfing session we visited the exhibition M0N3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US — — curated by an unknown curator under the pseudonym “Vasily Zaitsev” – (german)

– let’s watch netart

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Gallery Surfing – 02 – FacebookGalleries -

The second gallery surfing session is now online – this time, with our guest Annet Dekker Gallery Surfing visited some facebook-galleries (German/English)

– let’s watch netart

4:43 #h0000ff
23:10 GalleryOnline [ ]
56:55 Thomas Cheneseau…

Links in der Reihenfolge iher Erwähnung ––> Continue reading

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Desktop Screenshot Collections 1997 – today

now my second screensaver exhibition is published (first one was Interiors). You can download the “Desktop Screenshot Collections 1997 – today” Exhibition from the  ScreenSaverGallery

↓  for Mac OS X (10.7+)

for Windows (XP+)

Desktop 2014-01-05 um 13.11.43

“Desktop Screenshot Collections 1997 – today” text by sakrowski | translated by mary meixner

The desktop is considered as one of the earliest metaphors for Graphical User Interfaces of personal computers. It has become an icon of graphical operating systems and their surfaces.

The exhibition “Desktop Screenshots Collection 1997–today” presents a compilation of network activities that had the computer desktop as their topic. This exhibition does not point to the subject of the desktop metaphor per se, nor it tries to investigate the importance of a desktop in its function as an interface for the computer. This exhibition is about screenshots presenting desktops in specific states or situations. The collection thus oscillates between staged self-expression, prototypical design exploration and private insight.

The aesthetics of the desktop-screenshot phenomenon is also fascinating in its working outside the art operating system. The “Desktop Screenshot Collection” exhibition is realized as a screensaver, not as web exhibition; that is because the connection between the desktop image and the screensaver is quite close, and even has its own small tradition: the Deskswap by Mark Daggett, or the anthropological screensaver by Constant Dullaart. The content of the exhibition is pre-determined by the number of already existing compilations, exhibitions, and collections that we researched in great detail, reaching from Desktop IS to the internet forums or tumblers. For our project we have also set up a dropbox which can be used by anyone who would like to submit for the exhibition of their desktop screenshots. Uploading an image will directly include your screenshot among the exhibited works.

The selection of the desktop background image is often one of the first actions in a new computer system. This process can be compared to a seizure. The appropriation of the device, the first „configuration“, can be understood as an attempt to correspond to the capitalist/mass social ideal with the act of apparent individuation – an ostensible variation in the sameness.1

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Gallery Surfing – 01 – YIBA -

Nach langer “Entwicklungszeit” gibt es heute die erste Folge unserer Reihe Gallery Surfing, - einem neuen Format, in dem ich gemeinsam mit Sebastian Schmieg und Gästen Online-Kunst-Galerien besuchen werde. Die Idee zu der geplanten Reihe ist aus dem Bedürfnis über NetzKunstAktivitäten zu reden entstanden. Die Form ist aus der Desktop Screen Interviews-Serie hervorgegangen. Nachdem ich das gesamte letzte Jahr eine Menge Let’s Plays gesehen hatte, dachte ich, es wäre passend dieses youtube-typische Format aufzugreifen und anzuwenden. In diesem Sinne: let’s watch NetArtActivities!

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title: media trans formation (triptych) – date: 17.12.2013

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contribution for OFFLINE ART: Hardcore

title – “hardcore CM remix July 2013″
Video – July SummerSchool Warwick 2013; June Barcelona Sonar 2013; July The Nest London 2013
Musik Mix based on: (in the order of their appearance) – Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq + LAIBACH-Occupied Europe NATO tour 1994-95+ Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer (HD)+ Noisia – Machine Gun [16Bit remix] Transformers Video
This is my contribution for the OFFLINE ART: Hardcore exhibition curated by aram bartholl in frame of his soloshow “hello world!” in kassel …

‘Hardcore’ features a selected group of artists representing a wide range of radical approaches contrasting the mainstream idea of the digital image and web culture. Referring to subcultures in music during the 80s & 90s todays hardcore attitude can be found in various media and genres on the Internet. In the glossy controlled era of Facebook, Apple, and Google hardcore artists challenge conventions with radical points of view and hard core works.

Constant Dullaart.Deanna Havas.Ei Jane Janet Lin.Eva & Franco Mattes aka. Roth.JODI.Jon Cates.Lorna Mills.Jeremiah Johnson.Penelope Umbrico.Rosa Menkman.Sakrowski aka. curatingYouTube.UBERMORGEN.Vuk Ćosić

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skrillex variations on Sonar +D 2013

I was really proud to get the chance to show skrillex variations at the Sonar +D this year. The installation explores, on the example of Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (2010) by skrillex, the various “forms of appropriation” which can demonstrate the phenomenon, by organizing embedded videos, from the largest video sharing platform, into thematic grids for an interactive video-image-composition.
The song is emblematic for this new collaborative work on an esthetic expression of our times, because it is full of references/quotations to the stream of pop-culture-consciousness – like bowie, auto-tune cyberpunk and as youtube videos like the “cup-stacking girl” etc.


El arte de la remezcla by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana| 27 de junio de 2013 | EL PAIS

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An Acoustic Journey Through YouTube – Juni 2013 – Andreas Dorwarth

Broadcast at CoLaboRadio: 10 – 11./12. June 2013 01:00 a.m. CET Berlin FM 88,4 MHz and Potsdam 90,7 MHz FM
Autor: Andreas Dorwarth
Title: wake up screaming
live stream: CoLaboRadio

acoustic journey:

soundcloud: Lipstick :: suntracks
Facebook: robodisco
neue lipstick ep auf 4-4-2 music

Andreas Dorwarth ist Musiker und DJ. Er lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und im Netz. Andreas Dorwarth war der erste der mir, in Form von damals, das Web 2.0 vorstellte … ist sein netlabel, welches er seit 2004 betreibt und auf dem er elektronische Musik von verschiedenen Bands veröffentlicht. Lipstick heisst seine Zusammenarbeit mit Krystal Bell, es ist ein elektronik / house music Duo das seit 1999 kontinuierlich melodische, poppige, minimale, entspannt klingende Stücke veröffentlicht, die wie von einer irgendwie 80ies Romantik/Melancholie inspiriert wirken und dennoch immer modern klingen!
In den letzten Jahren hat er nicht nur als Resident im Ä in Neukölln Berlin aufgelegt, er hat auch dort die Acoustic Wednesday at Ä Interviews mit produziert.
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